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About Us

Fence and Deck Restoration LLC is a company founded in November 2011 , however we are working this area for over 15 years.

We specialize in the installation, repair and restoration of Fences and Decks . However we also offer painting and landscaping.

Fence and Deck Restoration LLC is a team of people who have the experience and the appropriate and necessary tools for the development of the services we offer.

We already have developed several commercial and residential projects in the Denver community and surrounding areas and we now have confidence acceptance of these communities also we have good reputation in BBB .

We currently offer our services to Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Arvada, Boulder, Englewood, Longmont, Broomfield, Loveland, Golden, and other cities within 100 miles of Colorado and we are always willing to negotiate any project beyond our working area.

Our prices are very suitable and competitive as the quality of our work. I invite you to review all the services we offer and call us or send a message for a quote.

Fence and Deck Installation

Fence Installation:

The first step for installation is to dig 24 inches of deep in order to put the post. 4x4x8’, 4x6x8’ or 6x6x8’.

We use 2x4x8’ 3 boards per section of separation of 24 inches each.

Regularly we use 6x6x6’ poles. We dig 24 inches deep and let the concrete dry for 1 – 2 days for increased security.

To install split rail, we use 2x8x8’ with separation of 10 to 15 inches each one, wired so dogs won’t escape and rabbits won’t enter.

Fences & Decks Repairs

We are more than happy to carry out all your fence repairs and ensure customer satisfaction

Sometimes, termite damage requires proper repair and in most occasions, replacement is the only option. 

No wood fence repair is too small for us.

Power Wash Residential & Commercial

First you wash the fence or deck with water pressure to remove the accumulated dirt that has been there for years. We use a special machine with 300PSI or 400PSI of pressure.

Decks, Fences, Patios or Porch Clean & Seal

Example of Fence and Deck stain.

Landscaping & House Painting

Example of House Painting.

Samples of our Work

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